Natalie Veidmark

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Natalie Veidmark graduated with a Bachelors from Westmont College and a Masters in Public Policy from ASU. While working for the City of Phoenix, she started the Phoenix Management Intern Program. She is the founder and president of North Mountain Business Alliance. She is the former president of National Charity League of Moon Valley and Mountain Sky Parent Group [1].

Veidmark graduated from GUHS and her four children all attend or graduated from the GUHS system.

Key Issues


Veidmark believes that funding for budget items need to be driven by how the expense serves the students and equips them for success. She wants to allocate funds towards well-funded teachers and well-supplied classrooms [4].


Natalie Veidmark believes that those on the board of the district should be able to quick in analyzing the purpose of a curriculum and to be able to respond to any concerns regarding the curriculum. She also hopes to better integrate college and workforce readiness in the curriculum to better prepare students [4]. She also wants to continue having an expanse of educational options for students while focusing on academic rigor and providing support for students with whatever they may need [1].


According to Veidmark, teacher shortages are one of the most pressing issues faced by Glendale Union High School District. She plans on responding to this issue by keeping current teachers as well as developing and attracting new teachers in the district [4]. She wants to invest in resources teachers have expressed the need for and Veidmark also wants teachers to focus more on subject area content to advance student learning [1]. Veidmark hopes to make changes in the system and prevent teachers from being discouraged when they do not meet educational goals [4].

Parental Involvement

Veidmark hopes to enable feedback and interaction with parents and families. She plans on achieving this through engaging with parent groups at the district level where decisions are made and continue an open door policy at the school site level [1].

School Safety

Veidmark wants to promote safety in schools. She wants to continue to provide a safe campus for students and ensure school resource officers for every campus [1].


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