Navid Sadigh

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Navid Sadigh is a current student at Irvine Valley College, studying computer science and minoring in political science and economics [3]. He currently works as a Code Coach. Sadigh is a former member of the Youth Action Council and the Junior State of America [1].

Key Issues


Sadigh supports dismantling the monopoly that Cox Communications has on internet service. He advocates for new legislation to increase the amount of providers in the area, with incentives like loans and grants to encourage competition [1, 3].


Sadigh advocates for reducing the price of gas and using Irvine’s status as a charter city in order to introduce legislation that would eliminate the 2.25% sales tax on gas [1].


Sadigh supports government reforms such as expanding the city council to seven seats and the switch to a district based system of representation, in order to increase accountability of council members [1].

Public Safety

Sadigh advocates for ensuring that police are well funded and trained. He supports reducing disturbances at night, such as street races, by having adequate numbers of police on patrol at night [1, 3].


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