Nick Myers

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Party Republican
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Nick Myers graduated from the University of Kansas. Myers was a former Software Engineer for multiple technology companies including Intel and satellite communications companies for 18 years [4]. He is the former CEO of Simply Virtual Technologies. He has been a policy advisor for the Arizona Corporation Commission since 2021 and has worked with them for 7 years [2]. While working with the Arizona Corporation Commission, he restored water service to a local community that had their water removed by the local utility. He also initiated an effort that resulted in an unpopular utility being sold to a reputable water company [1].  

Key Issues


Myers is against Green New Deal-type policies. He also supports the elimination or minimization of mandates and subsidies in regard to utility companies [3]. Myers has expressed that he would prefer to repeal the existing renewable-energy standard the commission passed in 2006. Myers supports the Commission’s decision to reduce the profitability of Arizona Public Service Co., the biggest company they regulate due to his experiences of poor customer service from the utility [4]. 


Myers advocates for legislation that limits the power of the Arizona Corporation Commission and supports returning more power to the legislature. He also plans to contribute to possible modifications to the Commission code of ethics [1]. 


Myers hopes to research issues regarding utility rates and guide policy at the Commission to limit subsidies and mandates issued by the Commission [1].


Andy Biggs, Congressman; Paul Gosar, Congressman; Justin Olson Corporation Commissioner; Jim O’Connor, Corporation Commissioner; Warren Petersen, State Senator; David Farnsworth, Former State Senator; Jacqueline Parker, State Representative; Jake Hoffman, State Representative; Neal Carter, State Representative; Travis Grantham, State Representative; Walt Blackman, State Representative; Quang Nguyen, State Representative; Ben Toma, State Representative; John Kavanagh, State Representative; Tom Morrissey, Mayor; Skip Hall, Mayor; Cathy Carlat, Mayor; Bridgette Peterson, Mayor; Mark Stewart, Vice-Mayor and Councilman; Jeff Brown, Councilman; Braden Biggs, Councilman; Sal Diccio, Councilman; Scott Anderson, Councilman; Terry Roe, Councilman; Rene Lopez, Councilman; Jeff Serdy, County Supervisor; Eddie Cook, County Supervisor; Arizona Christian Patriots; Arizona Police Association; Conservatives for a Constitutional Republic 


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