Nicolae Bunea

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenger


Nicolae Bunea is a Romanian-American born and raised in Sunnyside, Queens and graduated from the New York Automotive & Diesel Institute in 2004. Bunea is a former NYPD Auxiliary Officer. As an officer, Bunea won the 2007 Auxiliary Police Officer of the Year Award and was promoted to NYPD Auxiliary Sergeant in 2008. Bunea is also the CEO of MusicisMeRecords, with a 2019 New York University Music Certification. 

Key Issues


Bunea supports increased penalties on all crimes



Bunea supports fixing roads. Bunea favors policy related to schools, traffic, and the M.T.A



Bunea believes that NY should start a Taxpayer Hedge Fund. Additionally, Bunea supports making undocumented immigrants pay taxes

Animal Rights

Bunea supports ending all pet kill shelters. He proposes sending E.B.T’s to people who adopt animals from shelters to help pay for pet food. 



Bunea supports E.B.T’s for all women, kids, veterans & homeless people to help pay for the MTA, food, gas, and bills.


Debt Reform

Bunea supports shortening the impact of negative credit items. He supports removing Hard Inquiry’s in 1 year and not 2. He also believes that charge-offs should be removed in 3 years and not 7. He favors limiting Chapter 13 bankruptcy to 5 years instead of 7 and limiting Chapter 7 bankruptcy to 7 years instead of 10.

Organ Donations

Bunea believes that everybody should ‘donate’ their organs, with compensation from insurance companies and hospitals to family members.