Nicolas S. Hagen

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Nicolas Hagen earned his JD from George Mason University. Hagen is a property developer and cannabis attorney [1]. Hagen previously worked in various strategy roles on Republican campaigns around Virginia [2]. Hagen previously worked for his great-grandfather’s confectionery [1].

Key Issues

Public Safety

Hagen wants to decrease crime rates in Roanoke by increasing the size of the police force and providing more equipment and resources to officers [1].


Hagen is in favor of legalizing the sale of cannabis to adults over 21 and believes it will set a model for other states to follow. Hagen wants to divert cannabis tax revenue towards strengthening existing infrastructure [2]. 


Hagen is against a drive-through convention process as he believes it increases corruption and causes liability issues. Hagen also believes that newly re-districted boundaries make Roanoke susceptible to bribery [3]. 


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