Nikki Amberg

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenger


Nikki Amberg graduated from Louisiana State University [1] with a bachelor’s in Mass Communication and a Media studies degree from 1990-1994 [4]. Following her graduation, Amberg served on the member board of directors of Tempe Community Council for 6 years [2, 4]. Furthering her career, Amberg worked on the member board of directors of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona from October 2021 to the current year [3, 4]. Her longest role is in political/non-profit PR and consulting at Zonacajun, which she has been doing for 14 years [4].

Key Issues


Amberg wants to address homelessness with intentional collaboration within the community to find solutions [1].


Amberg wants to promote the allocation of resources to vital areas to improve crumbling neighborhoods infrastructure [1].



Amberg supports advancing government transparency, by using proactive disclosure of information, streamlined communication channels, and increased public involvement in decision-making processes [1].


Professional Firefighters of Arizona; Corey Woods, Mayor of Tempe; Neil Giuliano, Former Mayor of Tempe; Jennifer Adams, Vice Mayor of Tempe; Berdetta Hodge, Tempe City Council member; Joel Navarro, Tempe City Council member; Arizona List [3]. 


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