Nilsa Cruz-Perez

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Incumbent


Nilsa Cruz-Perez was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico and attended the University of Puerto Rico while working with the local Democratic Party. Soon after, in 1981, Cruz-Perez joined the army, but in 1987–after being honorably discharged–she worked many jobs including as executive assistant to the vice president of Cooper’s Ferry Development Association, executive assistant to the mayor of Camden, and community coordinator for the Camden County Improvement Authority. Serving in the NJ State Assembly from 1995 to 2010, Cruz-Perez filled a vacant senate seat in 2014 before winning a special election in 2015 [1].

Key Issues


Cruz-Perez sponsored the Camden Municipal Rehabilitation and Economic Recovery Act of 200, which was eventually enacted into law [1]. With Camden being one of the poorest cities in New Jersey, the act aimed to invest millions of dollars to start an economic revitalization of the city [2].



Cruz-Perez has sponsored a few bills focused on the police, crime, and rehabilitation [5]. She created a grant program to allow Sheriff’s to purchase body armour. Additionally, she also sponsored and supported a bill that allowed for the eviction of certain offenders from public housing projects. Noticing the flaws with the program, she worked to restructure New Jersey’s Child Protective Services Division [2].


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