Noel Campbel

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Campbell grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, and was born into a family of Law Enforcement Officers. Campbell attended and graduated from Saint Mary’s High School and then graduated from Arizona State University in 1965 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business. During his junior year in college, Campbell became fluent in Spanish. Upon graduating, Campbell joined the Navy and earned numerous awards throughout his time in Vietnam. Campbell did one tour in Vietnam and remained on active duty until 1971. Campbell would retire from the naval reserves in 1991 as a commander.

After retirement, Campbell worked with Border Patrol to combat illegal drug trades. During this time he served as Customs Liaison in the Joint Chief of Staff. After retiring from this career. Campbell began fighting forest fires with the U.S. Forest Service. Campbell then served as a member of the Arizona House of Representatives from 2015-2021 where he worked to pass legislation for environmental, economic, education, and drug-related issues. Campbell has received accusations of domestic abuse from his wife after pushing and striking her in the neck and face. Campbell’s wife did not press charges and believed that the attack was a result of Campbell possibly having dementia. She stated that they planned to seek medical treatment.

Key Issues


Campbell believes that to secure borders, sufficient resources and political willpower must be dedicated. He wants the state legislature to ban together to pass laws to stop the Federal government’s release of illegal immigrants into communities


Campbell opposes the teaching of critical race theory in schools. He has a history of supporting legislation that supports school choice. School choice allows public education funds to go to students to schools or services according to their need.

Women’s Health

Campbell is against abortion and considers himself “Pro-Life.” He has not supported any pro-abortion related legislation in the past. 


Gun Safety

 Campbell supports the second amendment and promises to continue supporting pro second amendment legislation.


Campbell wants taxes to fund public infrastructure such as roads, highways, and public safety. Campbell has a history of supporting legislation that cuts taxes.

Public Safety

Campbell wants to continue to dedicate sufficient funds to the fire and police department. Campbell does not support legislation that would decrease funds to the police.


Water Sustainability

Campbell wants to support legislation that would promote low water use plants. He also wants to continue to support projects such as The Sundog and Airport plants that recharge millions of gallons of water into aquifers. Campbell would also like to support projects that transport water from outside sources. He also supports forest stewardship, watershed management, and public lands management. 


Previously Endorsed in 2018 by Arizona Nurses Association, Arizona Police Association, National Federation of Independent Business – Arizona, National Rifle Association (NRA). No current endorsements could be found.


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