Obie P. Hill

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Incumbent


Obie P. Hill is a counselor in private practice. He was elected to the Harrisonburg City School Board in 2018. Hill is a founding member of the parent organization Of Helping Hands at Bluestone and co-chaired the steering committee for HHS2, which concerned the building of a new high school (HHS2) in Harrisonburg. He has also been involved in elementary school parent organizations, and he is a donor for the Harrisonburg Education Foundation [3, 8, 9].

Key Issues


Concerning the Harrison City School Board’s decision in 2021 to mandate vaccinations for staff, Hill believed the mandate put a burden on staff members to be tested each week and may have been the cause of nine staff resignations at the beginning of the next school year [5, 10].


Hill believes that the modification of the school board handbook to increase the chair/vice chair terms to 2 years is inequitable, that the purpose of it was to maintain power/control, and that it took away board members’ opportunity to serve in said positions [1].


Hill supported Governor Northam’s proposal to add funding to allow school counselors to spend more time on students and less on administrative tasks [3].


In 2019, Hill’s top priority was the timely building of the new high school. Concerning the name of the new high school, Hill originally backed South Ridge, then switched to Valley View after viewing a survey of Harrisonburg high school students supporting that name. However, he said if the majority of his colleagues supported Rocktown, he would vote in favor of that name [3, 4].


No endorsements could be found.


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