Oliver Dalton Baugess

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Oliver Dalton Baugess is a former firefighter. He is currently a captain and logistics administrator for the Salem Fire Department. Baugess has served for over 35 years in these two roles [1]. As a type 1 diabetic, Baugess has also been involved with clinical trials at the University of Virginia that led to the 2016 FDA approval of the first ever artificial pancreas, which aids his career as a firefighter [4].

Baugess has been labeled as a Republican under VPAP [3].

Key Issues

Public Safety

Baugess wants to work with all agencies in Roanoke to bring about safer streets, safer neighborhoods, and a downtown that is viable for businesses and patrons. He also wants to work with law enforcement agencies to combat the increase in violent crime. He looks to increase the pay for public safety personnel, such as police officers [1, 2, 5].


Baugess wants parents to have more say in the education of their children. He supports an elected school board in Roanoke City [1, 5].

Gun Policy

Bauguess wants Roanoke to be safe from gun violence and to not worry about shootings [2].


Baugess wants accelerated economic growth in Roanoke [2].


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