Pamela Carter

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Carter has a Master’s Degree in Business and Communications from Primus University of Theology [1].

Carter was a station manager with KPAZ television, and has been an on-air personality with Christian media groups Trinity Broadcasting Network and IBTV Faith Network for many years [2]. Carter is a co-founder of Alma Vision, an organization which broadcasts Christian programming for Latino and Bilingual audiences in Spanish; Carter describes herself as being of Latina heritage [1].

Carter is on the Board of Directors for Help 4 Kidz, an outreach for at-risk teens and families which has earned four Presidential awards [3].

Carter owns a sports medicine and weight training facility in Scottsdale used by prominent athletes from Valley-based teams.

Key Issues


Carter considers herself as a fiscal conservative and does not support the Scottsdale City Council passing any new property taxes for its constituents [1].


Pamela Carter is a supporter of “sensible development” and hopes to support the development of small businesses during her time in office [1]. She also wants to assist small businesses in making sure there are no more shutdowns of essential businesses and churches in the city [4].

National Defense

Carter believes that violent crime, drug cartels, and human trafficking have increased in Scottsdale and plans to combat this by transferring more funds to assist law enforcement without raising taxes [4].


Carter considers high-rise, high-density apartment complexes unsightly and is against their development. Carter supports the preservation of Old Town’s western historic heritage by preventing teardowns – she believes it should be protected as a Historic District [4]. Carter says she wants to “preserve [Scottsdale’s] neighborhoods from mass transit (i.e. light rail)” [1].


Arizona State Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate Shiry Sapir; Arizona State Senator Nancy Barto; former Arizona State Representative Maria Syms



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