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Pamela Price received a B.A. from Yale University and a law degree from the University of California, Berkeley School of Law [2]. She is a civil rights attorney specializing in employment litigation. Price started her own firm in 1991, and has since represented victims of retaliation, wrongful termination, sexual assault, sex, age, religion, disability, and race-based discrimination [1]. She previously worked as a criminal defense attorney at the Bayview Hunters’ Point Community Defenders’ office in San Francisco [6].

In 1977, she was the lead plaintiff in Alexander v. Yale, which was the first sexual harassment lawsuit in education and helped define sexual harassment as a form of illegal sex discrimination [8]. In 1979, Price co-founded and coordinated the Bay Area Defense Committee for Battered Women, and from 1982-84 she co-chaired the Bay Area chapter of the National Conference of Black Lawyers. In 2007, she served as the Interim Executive Director of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights in SF, and, in 2016, she was elected to the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee.

She has been awarded the California Lawyer Attorney of the Year in Employment, the Woman of the Year for Assembly District 18, the NAACP Service Award, and the National Bar Association’s Heman Marion Sweatt Award. Price is a survivor of domestic violence, and the Ohio foster care and juvenile justice systems [1]. She currently lives in Alameda County.

Key Issues

Criminal Justice

Price wants to restore trust in the criminal justice system by completing and publishing investigative reports in a timely manner, tracking and publishing demographic data about the prosecution process, and treating victims, families, witnesses, and defendants with respect [1]. She wants to fund and support a Conviction Integrity Unit to evaluate unfair prosecutions and excessive sentencing practices with a focus on racially-based prosecutions [6].

Price also wants to fund and implement fair justice measures including support and advocacy for neighborhood courts, victim services, diversion programs, race-neutral bail, and sentencing reforms [1]. She wants to address discrimination based on race, sex, gender identity, and immigration status, and pursue alternatives to incarceration, especially individuals suffering from mental illness [2, 6]. Price wants to stop the over-criminalization of youth by not charging or incarcerating individuals younger than 18 as adults, and establishing alternate programs to address criminal violations by individuals between 18-25 [1, 2]. Price wants to end the death penalty [1].

Price also wants to establish and enforce metrics for evaluating prosecutor’s performance that don’t rely on conviction rates [1]. She wants to evaluate diversion and positive intervention rates, develop systemic tracking of individual prosecutor’s outcomes, and address public corruption within the District Attorney’s office [6]. Lastly, Price wants to establish and fund effective reentry programs for formerly incarcerated individuals [1]. She supports removing barriers to education and employment, addressing inequitable criminal justice-related fines and fees, and creating institutional support for family reunification, housing access, job training and opportunities, healthcare, and legal services [2]. 

Gun Policy

Price wants to reduce gun violence by implementing preventative measures, advocating for better and more prompt investigation and resolution of cases of violence, and providing more support and trauma-informed assistance to victims of gun violence and their families [1].


Price wants to protect immigrant and indigenous communities. She wants to enforce and follow the mandates and spirit of the Sanctuary City resolutions adopted in Alameda County [1]. 

Law Enforcement

Price wants to hold police accountable for unlawful conduct such as unjustifiable homicide, human and sex trafficking, domestic violence, excessive or discriminatory use of force, sexual assault, theft, and perjury [1, 6].

Social Programs

Price wants to increase investment in public health, foster educational and economic opportunities, and support social service interventions as alternatives to law enforcement involvement [1].


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