Paola Tulliani-Zen

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Paola Tulliani-Zen was born in Italy and grew up in Chicago after immigrating at the age of 7. Tulliani worked at multiple Life Insurance companies in Chicago before moving to Arizona and starting her own drapery and interior design company in Scottsdale. After the design firm was bought, Tulliani started La Dolce Vita, a cookie company, which supplies major companies including Costco, Barnes & Noble, and Starbucks.

Key Issues


Tulliani wants to allocate more immigration and asylum judges to the border area to ensure cases are heard before immigrants are let into the country, resulting in many migrants being turned away. Tulliani supports sheriffs deporting and arresting migrants. Additionally, Zen wants more defense technology and National Guard on the border [1].


Tulliani proposes updating voter rolls, requiring voter IDs, and creating a secure ballot ID unique to each voter to improve election security. Other policies include splitting Maricopa county into 4 sections for faster vote totals, ensuring an equal spread of Democratic and Republican volunteers, and restricting mail-in ballots to military, shut-ins, and special requests only [1]. Tulliani has supported passed legislation that requires proof of citizenship to vote in elections [3]. 


Tulliani supports low taxes and cutting regulations on businesses to encourage job growth and attract companies to Arizona. Tulliani wants to use her experience in building her brand and business as well as modeling after Texas and Florida [1].


Tulliani wants to improve Arizona’s education system to ensure residents are well-rounded and trained. Tulliani has proposed policies including reducing class sizes, implementing a vocational curriculum, improving access to preschool, providing mandatory tutoring, and investing more into public schools while still valuing school choice [1].

Criminal Justice

Tulliani supports providing academic education, drug and alcohol awareness programs, and religious instruction in State prisons. Tulliani wants to model the state programs after Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Hard Knocks High was instituted in Maricopa County Jails [1].

Gun Rights

Tulliani supports the Second Amendment [1].


Tulliani supports negotiating with the federal government to receive more federal land. Tulliani wants unused water sources to be redirected [1].


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