Pat Herrity

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Incumbent


Incumbent Paul Herrity currently serves as Springfield’s Supervisor. He spent his schooling years in Fairfax County, having graduated from West Springfield High School. Herrity later on attends Virginia Tech, receiving his bachelor’s in Accounting [1]. Herrity’s father, Jack Herrity was previously the Chairman for Fairfax’s Board of County Supervisors [1].
Paul Herrity has served on several boards that promote civic engagement such as the Win-Win Strategies Foundation, which specializes in advancing education through community activities and technology [1].

Key Issues


Herrity wants to make it easier for people of all ages to access different jobs in the area [1]. Through events like their annual Teen Job Fair, Herrity hopes to inspire many to pursue a career they’re interested in. 


 Paul Herrity has openly spoken against the proposed Board 27% pay increase plan. Herrity believes there’s no reason for the Board to earn more money while the taxpayers pay greater taxes [1,5].


Herrity is a part of the fight to increase the salaries of teachers across the Fairfax County region. He has made so many efforts to combat the issue he was issued the President’s Award from the Fairfax County Federation of Teachers [1].


John Backus, Business Leader; Chris Clemente, Business Leader; Bill Kilberg, Business Leader; Bobbie Kilberg, Business Leader; Jon Norton, Business Leader; Robert F. Pence, Ambassador; Jon Peterson, Business Leader


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