Pat Hume

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Pat Hume received a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from San Diego State University and an M.A. in Organizational Leadership from Claremont Lincoln University.  Pat served on the City of Elk Grove Planning Commision until 2006 when he was elected to City Council. Hume has served four terms as City Councilor and has worked as a leader on the area’s transit and development [1,3,4].

Key Issues


Hume wants to enforce quality of life laws, ensuring compassionate care treatment to prioritize those in most need, ending “housing first” policies that don’t address root causes of the issue, and requiring metrics for all policies and spending to measure success [2].


Public Safety

Hume means to prioritize public safety by working with prosecutors and law enforcement to ID repeat offenders and high risk transients to prevent crimes. In addition, he wants to improve recruitment and training programs for law enforcement, enact new laws to prosecute retail theft and other smash and grab crimes, and collaborate within the community and with law enforcement to develop crime prevention programs [2].



Hume seeks to support local and small businesses, maintain a stable regulatory environment with small changes to improve resilience for business, build a customer service mindset to help businesses navigate complex processes, and frequently review costs and fees to ensure transparency and relevance to businesses [2].



Hume supports increasing access to passenger rail and wants to construct new stations in Elk Grove, Midtown, and City College [6]. 



Hume wants to reduce housing costs by increasing new construction, reform fee and regulatory structures, incentive the development of vacant urban land parcels, and redevelop underperforming properties [6]. 



Sacramento County Probation Association; Sacramento Deputy Sheriff’s Association; Elk Grove Police Officer’s Association; Sacramento Police Officers Association; Police Officers Research Association of CA; Sacramento Attorney’s Association; State Coalition of Probation Associations; Sacramento Chamber of Commerce – MetroPAC; Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce; Rancho Cordova Area Chamber of Commerce; Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce; Laborers union, Local 185; Sacramento Association of Realtors PAC; Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange; Region Business Association; California Apartment Association; Sacramento County Farm Bureau; Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert ; Former Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinnis; Former Sacramento County Sheriff Lou Blanas; Sacramento County Supervisor Rich Desmond; Former Sacramento County Supervisor Jimmie Yee; Former Sacramento County Supervisor Roberta MacGlashan; Former Sacramento County Supervisor Roger Niello; Former Sacramento County Supervisor Susan Peters; Former Sacramento County Supervisor Sandy Smoley; Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh Allen; Elk Grove City Councilman Kevin Spease; Elk Grove City Councilman Darren Suen; Former Elk Grove City Councilmember Steve Detrick; Former Elk Grove City Councilwoman Sophia Scherman; Rancho Cordova City Councilman Garrett Gatewood; Rancho Cordova Councilwoman Linda Budge; Rancho Cordova City Councilman David Sander; Former Rancho Cordova Councilman Bob McGarvey; Galt Mayor Shawn Farmer; Galt Vice Mayor Paul Sandhu; Galt City Councilmember Rich Lozano; Galt City Councilmember Kevin Papineau; Galt City Councilmember Jay Vandenburg; Former Galt Mayor Paige Lampson; Cosumnes Community Services District President Jim Luttrell; Former Cosumnes Community Services District Director Elliot Mulberg; Sacramento City Councilmember Jeff Harris; Sacramento City Councilmember Rick Jennings II; Citrus Heights City Councilmember Steve Miller; Citrus Heights City Councilmember Jeannie Bruins; Folsom Councilwoman Rosario Rodriguez; Folsom City Councilwoman Kerri Howell; Folsom Mayor Mike Kozlowski; Roseville Mayor Krista Bernasconi; Roseville Vice Mayor Bruce Houdesheldt; West Sacramento City Councilwoman Quirina Orozco; Natomas School Boardmember Micah Grant; Los Rios Community College Trustee John Knight; Former Los Rios Community College Trustee Kay Albiani; San Juan Unified School Boardmember Saul Hernandez; Folsom/Cordova School Board Trustee – Joshua Hoover; Folsom/Cordova School Board Trustee – David Reid; Yolo County Supervisor Oscar Villegas; Stanislaus County Supervisor Mani Grewal; Stanislaus County; Supervisor Vita Chiesa; Elk Grove Planning Commissioner – George Murphy; Elk Grove Planning Commissioner – Suman Singha; Ray Abe; Ron Alvarado; Angela Azevedo; Bret Bartholomew; George Beitzel; Randy Bekker; David Boelke; Faye Bundesen; Jon Colton; Daniel Denier Galt Planning Commissioner; Eric Elovski; Rick Fowler Colonel, USAf (ret.); Robert Fowler; Kylie Hart; Jim Hensley; Melissa Hogge; Bernardo Hubbard; David Hutchinson; Olivia Jackson; Dennis Jones; Mahavir Kallirai; George Kammerer; John Kaufman; Benny Lankford; Doc & Lee Laudon; Clifford Loveland; Betsy Mahan; Kirk Marchetti, M&M Real Estate – Owner/Broker; Gary McEnerney; Felicia Miller, Retired State employee; Derek Minnema; Gil Moore; Kay Mosher; Joyce Nazabal; Olivia Pointon; Dustin Poore; Edward Primasing; Jake Rambo; Rita Rita; Ron Rynearson; Joe and Michelle Saienni; Viraj Shah; Tom Shine; Randy Sinclair; Michelle Smira; Keith Smothers; Doc & Sally Souza; Angela Spease; Joe and Lynda Tallerico; Dan Templeton; Sheryl Tolson, Teacher; Katy Trilly; Edward Turk; Nicole Van Vleck; Stan Van Vleck; Stanley Van Vleck; Carlos Vina, Retired; John Wallace; Bruce Walters; Gary Winuk


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