Patrick D. Earl

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Patrick Earl graduated from Aquinas College with a bachelor’s in Biology. Earl also received his master’s in Fine Arts. After graduating, Earl spent over ten years pursuing an acting career. He went on to work for the American Shakespeare Center in central Virginia. Earl currently serves as a teacher at Randolph College. Earl and his wife work with HumanKind to act as foster parents for children in Lynchburg [1, 3].

Key Issues


Earl wants to ensure that teachers stay in Lynchburg and keep the schools cleaned and maintained. Earl wants to coordinate repair and construction of schools between the Lynchburg Administration and the LCS School Board. Earl also supports giving teachers a 5% raise [1, 3].

Public Safety

Earl supports the 5% raises that police and fire personnel have been given as well as the raises that other city employees have gained. Earl also supports the facility repair of firefighters and EMS through state and federal grants [1, 3].


Earl supports the Bridges to Progress Poverty-Reduction Initiative [1].


Earl wants to create more work and housing opportunities so that people can gain work and housing that they may have lost during the Covid-19 pandemic. Earl also wants to support the nurses who worked during the pandemic [1].


Earl wants to aid Lynchburg citizens as they recover from COVID-19 by lowering the meals tax. He also wants to give tax incentives to developers and restore commercial buildings [3].


Earl wants to create more affordable housing, especially single family homes. He also wants to restore vacant homes [3].


Earl believes that issues should be addressed by their individual merit and impact on the city as a whole, not party line, which is why he is running as an Independent [3].

Mental Health

Earl advocated for help for students outside of the classroom to ensure their mental health [6].


Earl supports the creation of public works such as the Blackwater Creek Trail. He also wants to repair the Creekside Trail bridges and clean up the watershed. Earl wants to hire more employees to create these public services and works [1].


Lynchburg Democratic Committee


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