Patty Durand

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenger


Patty Durand graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Business Administration and from the College of William & Mary with an MBA [1]. Durand has been President of Smart Energy Consumer Collaboration, a nonprofit educating people on the benefits of the smart grid, and founded Cool Planet Solutions, an energy consulting company [3]. She has volunteered at Sierra Club and Sandy Springs Greenspace [1].

Key Issues


Durand plans on bringing an end to private meetings between lobbyists and commissioners, making secret utility reports public, and making hearing transcripts public as well [1].



Durand plans on increasing energy efficiency to lower energy bills for Georgians. She wishes to make solar energy more accessible by removing the utility limit [1]. She also wants to reduce power bills by checking GA Power and using grid modernization [4]. Durand wishes to create energy-efficient homes, decreasing energy bills for all. Through the addition of new forms of energy, she believes she will create more jobs [1].


Durand wants to stop climate change through the adoption of programs to record carbon pollution, such as in Illinois. She wants to keep utilities in check in regard to pollution and wants to expand solar energy as a cleaner form of energy [1].


Sierra Club


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