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Paul Canepa earned a BA in Business Management in 1993 from Saint Mary’s College. Canepa owns and runs the family business Canepa Car Wash [1]. Canepa has been a member of the Board of Trustees for Lincoln Unified School District twice. Canepa has been appointed to the City of Stockton Parks and Recreation Committee. Canepa was also elected twice to the Stockton City Council in 2011 and 2019, as well as being appointed Vice-Mayor in 2013 [2].

Key Issues


Canepa wants to reduce homelessness. Canepa supports doing so by including camping sites that are easy to access, clean, have storage and that provide basic amenities. Canepa wants to use partnerships between the local government, such as the County Mental Health Department, and nonprofits or faith based organizations can be used to provide outreach to those in need. Canepa also advocates for a navigation center to be built in order to expand homeless shelters in downtown Stockton [3].

Criminal Justice

Canepa supports strengthening the criminal justice system of San Joaquin County. This includes giving the police department the tools and the personnel to fight criminals and gangs. Canepa also advocates for vocational programs to create opportunities for the youth [2]. He wants to increase the availability of services for the mentally ill in order to steer them away from crime and homelessness [3].


Canepa advocates for lowering the unemployment rate of San Joaquin County. Canepa supports attracting jobs by encouraging local hiring in both the public and private sector. Canepa supports encouraging economic growth by removing regulations in order to attract businesses [3].

Social Programs

Canepa wants to increase access to affordable childcare and health insurance [3].


Canepa supports transparency in government. Canepa advocates for a full audit of Measure A funds in order to ensure that tax revenues are being spent correctly [2].


Canepa supports preserving Swenson Park from development [2].


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Paul Canepa