Paul F. Beran

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Paul Beran graduated from Texas A&M University, earning his Doctor of Philosophy [1, 4]. With his knowledge of Business & Marketing from Duquesne University, Beran has served as President and Creative Director of Advertel, Inc. as well as Marketing Director for Entercom [3]. In recent times, Beran has served as chancellor for the University of Arkansas and filled the role of Interim President for the Western Connecticut State University [4, 6].

Key Issues


Beran believes that higher education should recognize students of different race, backgrounds, and ideologies since campus demographics are constantly evolving [7]. He has however been accused of slowing down this reformation process by Representative Sue Peterson [8].


Beran believes we should build communities that are enriched in understanding and knowledge of several different cultures in and outside universities’ walls [7].


Beran has been in a few scandals over the cancellation of majors at Western Connecticut State [9]. Beran has brought up the idea of removing some majors, which, in recent times, has sparked debate and controversy [9].


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