Paul Nichols

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenger


Paul Nichols was born and raised in New York and graduated from the New York Law School. Nichols is an attorney and currently works as the Deputy Chief Of Staff/Counsel for the NYS Senate. Nichols also volunteers at non-profit organizations and his local church in his free time.

Key Issues

Affordable Housing

Nichols supports making housing more affordable. Specifically, he advocates for reducing costs for property owners by 50% or more and implementing mandatory rent reduction of 50% or more.

Credit Scores

Nichols believes in improving resident’s economic wellbeing. He supports implementing a New York Credit Score and financial education program which would apply to any applications within the state of New York.

Wealth Gap

Nichols wants to reduce the wealth gap. He wants to restructure how wages and salaries are calculated and distributed.


NY Settlement

Nichols believes in incentivizing moving to areas of New York with lower concentration of population. He plans on achieving this by creating statewide opportunities.

Loan Commission

Nichols supports the creation of a commission that will work to legally cancel types of individual debt, including student loans.


Encouraging Residence

Nichols wants to reevaluate property valuations and create make residence in the state more affordable and safe.  


Nichols supports reevaluating how revenue is raised in the state. He wants to create a tax commission whose purpose is to reduce state dependency on property taxes.

Seniors and Veterans

Nichols wants to support senior citizens and veterans. He supports state policy that would ensure seniors are not spending more than 50% of their income on basic necessities, and policy that would improve access to mental health resources for veterans.


Nichols wants to improve education in the state. He supports making teacher salaries the highest in the nation to attract new teachers.


Nichols believes in focusing on small and medium businesses. He aims to reduce tax and penalty burdens on these businesses.