Paul Rodriguez

Key Facts

Party Conservative
Status Challenager


Rodriguez graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Arts in economics and became a fellow in economics at Stanford University. Rodriguez began his career as an equity research analyst and has since worked as a financial advisor, banker, manager, and vice president of multiple companies.

Key Issues


Rodriguez opposes funding initiatives such as ThriveNYC, as he views them as wasteful and unproductive, and instead supports performance-based budgeting.

Environmental Reform/Climate Change

Rodriguez supports switching to biodegradable alternatives to plastic, as well as reviving curbside composting to reduce the cost of solid waste disposal.

Public Safety

Rodriguez supports bringing back the NYPD’s Street Crime Unit, repealing the Diaphragm Law, and restoring qualified immunity for ordinary policing. Rodriguez beleives that tougher policing will stimulate NYC’s economy by bringing back tourists.


Rodriguez believes that no homeowner should ever be required to take a loan to pay their property taxes and will work to protect homeowners from excessive taxation. Rodriguez will also make the New York City Housing Authority enforce means testing on public housing untis and even average the income over the three years to make sure that those who are living in public housing truly need it and families living in shelters can move into affordable housing. Rodriguez will additionally allow excess income of up to 15% of the prescribed income limit for public housing tenants.


Rodriguez will commission a study to identify and address zip codes with food deserts in addition to advocating for a 15% Real Property Tax credit for the retail space landlords lease to grocery stores.


Conservative Party of New York