Peter Sample

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Peter Sample has been a small business owner for 28 years–he owns a production company as well as an investment advisory firm [4]. Sample previously worked in Hollywood as a sound engineer [3].

Key Issues


Sample believes in balanced development in order to preserve the feel of a quiet town in Carefree. He wants to promote low-density building in order to stop over-development [1]. He believes that large, multi story hotels are an example of inappropriate development for Carefree [4].

Public Safety

Sample wants to ensure that the Town’s fire department is part of the Regional Automatic Aid system in order to improve fire and medical service efficiency [1].


Sample would like to increase public outreach and transparency to encourage the thoughts and feedback of residents on city projects. He supports term limits for Carefree elected officials to ensure that new people have opportunities to serve [1].


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