Peter Singer

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Party N/A; nonpartisan election
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Singer received his Bachelor’s in Political Science and Human Communication in 1980, and went on to receive his Juris Doctor (JD) in 1986 from the Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Between 1987 to 2015, Singer operated his own law firm, Law Offices of Peter W. Singer, which emphasized transactional and civil litigation, as well as criminal defense [1, 2]. Since 2015, Singer has served as the Superior Court Commissioner in San Diego County. Singer is also the President of the California Court Commissioners Association as well as the President of Lions Community Service Corporation, a non-profit for housing for low income and senior/disabled communities in San Diego [2].

Key Issues

Criminal Justice

Singer advocates addressing the obstacles that litigants may face pertaining to coming to court, such as childcare or transportation issues. He also supports to addressing the homeless, drug addiction, and mental illness that parties may face [1]. Singer wants to make sure that litigants have their case heard and respected, and wants to maintain impartiality, fairness, and patience in the courtroom [5].


San Diego Couty Democratic Party; San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council; American Postal Workers Union, San Diego Area Local; California Federation of Interpreters, Local 39000; Hon Maria Lucy Armendariz;  Hon. Daniel Belsky;  Hon. Sandra Berry (Ret.); Hon. Laura Birkmeyer; Hon. Lisa Brackelmanns;  Hon. Matthew C. Braner;  Hon. Desiree A. Bruce-Lyle; Hon. Jody Burgess;  Hon. Rupert Byrdsong;  Hon. Mary Lou Byrne; Hon. Yvonne Campos;  Hon. Erin Guy Castillo;  Hon. Charles Q. Clay, III;  Hon. Syda Cogliati; Hon. Robert Dahlquist;  Hon. Gail Dekreon;  Hon. Francis M. Devaney; Hon. Peter Doft (Ret.);  Hon. Christine N. Donovan; Hon. Pete Fagan (Ret.); Hon. Peter Gallagher;  Hon. Ernest Gross; Hon. David Haet; Hon. Jeffrey Harkavy; Hon. Peter Helfer; Hon. Joyce Hinrichs; Hon. Keri Katz; Hon. Jillian Laxton; Hon. Jennifer Lee; Hon. Lillian Y. Lim (Ret.); Hon. Daniel Link; Hon. Frederic Link;  Hon. Joseph Lipner;  Hon. Adelaida Lopez; Hon. Chad Louie; Hon. Edlene McKenzie (Ret.); Hon. Kenneth Medel; Hon. Maria Mendoza; Hon. Amalia L Meza (Ret.); Hon. Barry S. Michaelson; Hon. Gerald Mohun; Hon. Marilyn M. Mordetzky; Hon. Dwayne K. Moring; Hon. Christopher Morris; Hon. Gregory Pollack; Hon. Michael Rasmussen; Hon. Karen Riley (Ret.); Hon. Paula Rosenstein; Hon. Lisa Strassner; Hon. Richard E.L. Strauss; Hon. Eddie Sturgeon; Hon. John Weller; Hon. Richard Whitney; Hon. Joel Wohlfeil


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