Phillip D. Jones

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Jones attended the US Naval Academy in Annapolis where he was commissioned as an Infantry Officer. Jones graduated from the academy as a Burke Scholar. Jones then started attending the Harvard Business School in 2018 and graduated from the school in 2021. After graduation, Jones worked as a consultant for Bain & Company [1, 3, 4, 5].

Key Issues


Jones hopes to create the Chief Innovation Officer position to help maximize industry and technologies among the City Government. To more extensively maximize Government capabilities, he advocates for audits of every city department. Furthermore, he advocates for a user-friendly update to the city website and increased community outreach through social media [1].


To contribute to government transparency, Jones believes that City Council should be broadcasted. He wants to have monthly town halls if he is elected Mayor [1].


Jones wishes to get all schools accredited. He wants to increase cooperation between Newport News schools and higher education. Finally, he argues for quarterly joint sessions with the School Board and City Council to ensure cooperation [1, 2].

Public Safety

Jones advocates for competitive pay of law enforcement officers with other nearby localities. To prevent violence, he advocates for violence interrupter programs and community change agents to assist individuals in finding aiding services. Additionally, Jones wants to ensure that mental health specialists can respond in situations as co-first responders [1].


Jones wants to increase resources for small businesses to access grants. He hopes to develop an economy attractive to Fortune 1000 companies with the ultimate goal of headquartering in Newport News. He further believes that the proximity to the Jefferson Lab should be utilized through the development of technology and life science businesses. Additionally, he argues for programs that incentivize remote work. Jones advocates for the streamlining of city permits, and he wants to expand workforce development opportunities [1, 2].


Jones wants to increase homeownership through workshops. He hopes to enlist a homelessness task force to help assist people who are homeless to find permanent housing and aiding services [1].


Jones believes that an arts district should be created [1].


Jones advocates for commercial air service relationships to be pursued with affordable airlines. Furthermore, he would explore contracts for the regional airport to have service to destinations less than 500 miles away [1].


Jones supports fresh fruit and vegetable access through mobile food markets and cooperatives (co-ops) [1].


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