Pingke Dubignon

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenger


Pingke Dubignon attended Baltimore Community College, where she studied Political Science. She currently owns and is the executive chef of her cafe, called Pingkes Cafe. She is also the Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Enterprise Entertainment, which is an entertainment company located in Atlanta [4].

Key Issues


Dubignon plans to expand Medicare in Georgia [3].

Reproductive Rights

Dubignon identifies as pro-choice, and vows to protect women’s healthcare and access to birth control [3]. 


Dubignon supports the legalization of cannabis in Georgia. Furthermore, she believes in making addiction treatment more accessible [3].


Dubignon wants to raise the minimum wage in Georgia. She also believes legalizing and taxing cannabis will expand the economy [3]. 


Dubignon wants to offer tax incentives to companies that are carbon-neutral or carbon negative. She also wants to bring back giving people $5,000 tax credit for purchasing an electric vehicle, which was phased out in 2016 [3]. 


Dubignon wants to restore the HOPE scholarship, which is a scholarship for high schoolers living in Georgia that plan to attend a school in Georgia, to fully pay for a student’s tuition instead of covering tuition partially, which is currently what the HOPE scholarship provides [3].


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