R. E. “Rick” Bookwalter

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Bookwalter graduated from Penn State University. He is a Navy veteran, having served during the Cold War. Bookwalter has been a pilot for 32 years and operates a small business with his wife. He has served on the Advisory Board to the City Social Services Department and is a parishioner of All Saints Catholic Church [1, 4].

Bookwalter is associated with the Republican party [1].

Key Issues


Bookwalter will take small businesses into account when considering matters such as taxes and zoning [1].

Law Enforcement

Bookwalter believes in supplying police officers with necessary resources for first response [1].

Public Safety

Bookwalter advocates for supplying firefighters with proper resources [1].


Bookwalter seeks to cooperate with the school board in order to increase intellectual rigor for students and find solutions to school problems [1].


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