Rachel Walden

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Rachel Walden earned a Bachelor of Science with honors in Psychology at Arizona State University, and attended Arizona State University for her post-graduate history work. She worked as a research and teaching assistant and received a fellowship to study in England [4].

Walden is involved in her community and church, Treasurer for her Home Owner’s Association, and Precinct Committeeman in LD10 [4]. She is president of her church’s children’s organization [2].

Key Issues


Walden believes in devoting resources to improve math and English Language Arts education for children in the Mesa School District [1].


Walden believes that politics and “critical theories” should be separate from education. She believes that curriculum should be transparent [4].

 Public Safety

Walden believes in medical choice and privacy and opposes mandates [4].


Arizona Free Enterprise Club, Rachel Walden for Mesa School Board, Stand for Health Freedom, AZ MAGA, Purple for Parents


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