Rachna Sizemore Heiser

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Rachna Sizemore Heiser earned a degree in Political Economics from the University of California, Berkeley, where she then went to law school. She served as an assistant professor at George Mason University for 4 years, and she is currently a human resource development program coordinator and lecturer at Texas Tech University [2]. As a former member of the Fairfax County School Board, Heiser lobbied the Virginia State Department of Education for accessible financial aid, organized state and local panels on juvenile justice reform, and created a mini-grant program to help fund teacher projects. As the parent of a child with autism, she has co-chaired the Subcommittee on Executive Functioning and the Subcommittee on Inclusion, helping to implement programs that benefit neurodivergent students [1].

Key Issues


Heiser hopes to implement a well-rounded curriculum. She seeks to balance the emphasis on academics, workforce development, and entrepreneurship. Heiser feels that this type of curriculum enables students to have multiple career paths and sets them up for success [5]. She plans to improve access to advanced and enrichment programs so that excelling individuals can thrive while also emphasizing the importance of collaboration and teamwork amongst students [1].


Heiser hopes to make schools more inclusive, safe, and welcoming of all students and staff. She supports student access to mental health support, positive behavioral intervention, trauma-informed education, substance abuse prevention, and counseling. She wants to ensure seamless transitions for military-connected youth so that they don’t feel isolated, and she hopes to set up better support for students with disabilities to feel socially and academically included [1].


Heiser supports a living wage, balanced workloads, and a respectful environment for educators so that they feel valued. She believes that teachers, administrators, and staff should be well trained in understanding the needs of underprivileged populations so that they can serve them best. She hopes to foster respectful relationships between administrators, educators, students, and families [1].


David Bulova, Delegate for 37th District of Virginia; Stella Pekarsky, School Board Member; James Walkinshaw, School Board Member; Laura Jane Cohen, School Board Member; Desis for Progress; Democratic Party of Virginia


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