Ram Venkatachalam

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Ram Venkatachalam has a BA in Computer Science Engineering and a master’s in Computer Science [1]. He immigrated to the United States from India after his education. Venkatachalam works as an IT consultant for the consulting firm Deloitte. His two children attend Loudoun County Public Schools [1, 2, 3, 4]. He serves on the Brambleton HOA as its Resident Director Vice President, helping to manage a $15 million annual operating budget. Venkatachalam was nominated to serve on the County’s Transit Advisory Board and has been its Chairman for the past 2 years [1, 4].

Key Issues


Venkatachalam wants to expand Loudoun’s commercial and office tax base and help statewide efforts to lower motor vehicle taxes and fees. He does not want taxation above the equalized rate when the county budget is adopted each year [1, 3, 4].


Venkatachalam believes that the Board of Supervisors must provide more rigorous budget guidance before transferring over a billion dollars each year to LCPS. He believes that any surplus must be returned to the taxpayers. He also supports the presence of a school resource officer (SRO) at every public school. He opposes “spending your money on socially divisive policies and curriculum that replace the wishes of parents and teach children what to think and why” [1, 3, 4]. 


Venkatachalam wants to add more housing options and mixed-use communities near Metro stations [1].

Public Safety

Venkatachalam wants to maintain funding to the sheriff’s office and expand funding for local mental health and substance abuse treatment programs [1, 3, 4].


Venkatachalam supports the metro silver line, the expansion of commuter buses, and the addition of traffic lights, better turn lanes, and roundabouts [1, 3, 4].


Venkatachalam believes that data centers should not be near residential communities, schools, and rural areas. He also opposes the expansion of flights at Dulles that will increase the noise over homes and disrupt neighborhoods [1]. 


Loudoun County Republican Committee


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