Renee Yolande Chang

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Chang received a B.A. in Economics and Psychology from UC Berkeley and a J.D. from Columbia Law School [4]. She also completed a year of study in psychology and economics at the London School of Economics [6]. She has been an LA Deputy District Attorney for 27 years, and is currently a Deputy-In-Charge with the Victims Impact Program, supervising attorneys handling specialized cases involving rape, domestic violence, elder abuse, hate crimes, and murder [1]. Chang previously worked at a private law firm and as an intern with the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Attorney’s Office. She has also worked as a paralegal, shop clerk, and fast-food worker [6].
Chang is a member of many organizations, including Vistas for Children, Las Hermanas, Project LEAD, Midnight Mission, and the LA Sexual Assault Response Team, and has been involved with fundraising for the 1736 Crisis Center and Long Beach Women’s Shelter. She lives in the South Bay with her husband and two children [1].

Key Issues

Criminal Justice

Chang wants to balance the desires of victims and the accused. She hopes to protect the rights of vulnerable victims while safeguarding the constitutional rights of the accused. She has experience prosecuting crimes against vulnerable individuals, especially children [1]. 


Chang wants to promote courtroom efficiency and decrease the amount of time a case stays in the court system. She supports judges being neutral and nonpartisan [4].

Women's Rights

Chang has experience handling cases regarding sexual assault and domestic violence. She has worked with the Long Beach Women’s Center, the 1736 Crisis Center, and the LA Sexual Assault Response Team [1]. 


Mexican American Bar Association (MABA); Stand Up LA Moms; Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL); Palos Verdes Police Officers Association (PVPOA); Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALADS); Professional Peace Officers Association (PPOA); Napipa National Asian Pacific Islander Prosecutors Association; Crime Survivors PAC; Metropolitan News – Enterprise; Beach Cities Democrats; Mexican American Bar Association; The Press-Telegram; San Gabriel Valley Tribune; Inland Valley Daily Bulletin; Pasadena Star News; Los Angeles Daily News; Daily Breeze; Jackie Lacey, Former District Attorney; Steve Cooley, Former District Attorney; Gil Garcetti, Former District Attorney; Maxine Waters, US Representative; Al Muratsuchi, CA Assemblyman; Mike Fong, CA Assemblyman; Bea Dieringer, Mayor of Rolling Hills; Ruth Low, Mayor of Diamond Bar; Ray Dunton, Mayor of Bellflower; Henry Lo, Mayor of Monterey Park; Tony Ding, Mayor of San Gabriel; Polly Low, Mayor of Rosemead; Hans Liang, Councilmember of Monterey Park; Eric Alegria, Councilmember of Rancho Palos Verdes; Paul Krekorian, Councilmember of Los Angeles; Rene Trevino, Councilmember of Artesia; Carina Rivera, Councilmember of San Gabriel; John Wu, Councilmember of San Gabriel; Ross J. Maza, Councilmember of Alhambra; Yvonne Yiu, Councilmember of Monterey Park; Peter Chan, Councilmember of Monterey Park; Connie Sullivan, 66th Assembly District Delegation Chair LACDP; Trisha Murakawa, Trustee, El Camino Community College; Lynda Johnson, Councilmember of Cerritos; Betty Lin Peterson, Former Mayor of Palos Verdes; Richard Phillips, School Board Member of Palos Verdes Unified School District; Hon Efrain Aceves, Judge; Hon. Lucy Armendariz, Judge; Hon. Mark Arnold, Judge; Hon James Bianco, Judge; Hon. Cathryn Brougham, Judge; Hon. David Brougham, Judge; Hon. Sean Coen, Judge; Hon. Lisa Coen, Judge; Hon. Debra A. Cole, Judge; Hon. Debra Cole-Hall, Judge; Hon. Alfred Coletta, Judge; Hon. Pat Connolly, Judge; Hon. Shannon Cooley, Judge; Hon. Andrew Cooper, Judge; Hon. Troy Davis, Judge; Hon. Gregory Dohi, Judge; Hon. Carol Elswick, Judge; Hon. Kristin Escalante, Judge; Hon. Alison Estrada, Judge; Hon. Christopher Frisco, Judge; Hon. David Gelfound, Judge; Hon. Christian Gullon, Judge; Hon. Mark Hanasono, Judge; Hon. Eric Harmon, Judge; Hon. Steven Ipson, Commissioner; Hon. Roger Ito, Judge; Hon. Craig Karlan, Judge; Hon. Warren Kato, Judge; Hon. Kelly Kelley, Judge; Hon. Karla Kerlin, Judge; Hon. Mark Kim, Judge; Hon. Andrew Kim, Judge; Hon. Lana Kim, Judge; Hon. Esther Kim, Judge; Hon. Laura Laesecke, Judge; Hon. George Lomeli, Judge; Hon. Ana Luna, Judge; Hon. Darrell Mavis, Judge; Hon. Craig Mitchell, Judge; Hon. Jared Moses, Judge; Hon. Ricardo Ocampo, Judge; Hon. Sam Ohta, Judge; Hon. Joseph Porras, Judge; Hon. Julian Recana, Judge; Hon. David Reinert, Judge; Hon. Olivia Rosales, Judge; Hon. Thomas Rubinson, Judge; Hon. Raul Sahagun, Judge; Hon. Valerie Salkin, Judge; Hon. Alan Schneider, Judge; Hon. Norm Shapiro, Judge; Hon. Michael Shultz, Judge; Hon. Kathryn Solorzano, Judge; Hon. David Sotelo, Judge; Hon. Emily Spear, Judge; Hon. Kevin Stennis, Judge; Hon. David Stuart, Judge; Hon. Teresa Sullivan, Judge; Hon. Linda Sun, Judge; Hon. Patricia J. Titus, Judge; Hon. Susan Townsend, Judge; Hon. Pamela Tamu Usher, Judge; Hon. Lillian Vega Jacobs, Judge; Hon. David Walgren, Judge; Hon. John Weller, Judge; Hon. Geanene Yriarte, Judge; Hon. Hayden Zacky, Judge


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