Richard Robertson

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Robertson earned his degree in Education in Georgia State University. After this, he became a high school teacher in Dekalb County. He then joined the Air Force, and was deployed in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He served as a communications officer for seven years, working in strategic missile defense. After serving in the military, Roberson received his law degree from Widener University School of Law in Delaware. He became a Judge Advocate General’s Officer, working in all legal matters regarding the government.

Key Issues

Education/ School Choice

Robertson supports school choice, and believes that education should not be based on location or financial situation, but by parents. He wants to divert the power of school choice away from the government and towards the parents. 

Healthcare/ Reproductive Rights

Robertson is pro-life, and believes life begins at conception. He vows to support legislation that protects the unborn, and will work to eliminate federal funding that support abortion, directly and indirectly. Robertson believes that healthcare should be based on a free and open market, and wants to eliminate government involvement in healthcare. Robertson wants to create transparent pricing to open up competition across state lines.

Gun Rights

Robertson believes that the 2nd amendment is a fundamental right, and was intended by the founders of American as a hedge against tyranny. He will fight attempts to levy additional taxes on guns and ammunition, as well as attempts to create federal gun registries.

Election Integrity

Robertson believes that voting should be in-person, and that ID requirements are integral for election integrity. He supports the Election Integrity Act (SB 202), which limits voter fraud through absentee ballots by requiring certain verifications and comparisons.


Robertson believes that student debt is a big problem in Georgia, and wants to remove the federal government out of student loans so colleges will lower their costs. However, he does not believe in student loan cancellation, believing it is unfair to people that have overcome their student debt. Robertson also believes in reforming the budget, by ensuring that tax dollars spent are in the interest of the American people. Robertson also supports small businesses, believing that all businesses should have the opportunity to succeed.