Robb Pits

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Incumbent


Robb Pitts earned a degree in education at Ohio State University, in business at La Academia Hispanoamericana, languages at Kent State University, and Latin American Studies at La Universidad Interamericana. He also graduated from Emory University with an M.B.A. [1]. He has served as Chairman of Fulton County’s Board of Commissioners since 2017 and been part of the board of commissioners from 2002 to 2014. Pitts owns a business consulting company called RLP Corporation [5]. He is on the board of several organizations such as the Atlanta Regional Commission and the Fulton County Board of Health. Pitts is a former professor at Clark Atlanta University, Oberlin College, and Kent Clark University, as well as a former member of the Atlanta Board of Realtors [1].

Key Issues


Pitts supports encouraging Fulton residents eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine to receive both the normal doses and the booster shot. [3] He has formerly been part of the effort to make Fulton provide about 25% of COVID-19 testing for the state of Georgia despite comprising about 10% of its population [4].


Pitts believes in supporting small businesses through CARES funding, having used $105 million of it in the past, and a small-business loan program. He also believes in programs providing food to minors and seniors. Pitts also supports workforce development initiatives that enable residents to access training so they can obtain employment [4].


Pitts emphasizes affordable housing, assisting cities and utilizing much of the funding from the American Rescue Plan for rental and mortgage assistance [4].

Criminal Justice

Pitts advocates for focus on the justice system and for using American Rescue and Recovery Act funds to reduce the backlog of cases in Fulton courts [1].


Pitts supports increased transportation options and funding directed to Fulton hospitals and libraries [1].


Pitts believes in initiatives protecting the environment, having previously signed legislation to substitute single-use plastics with non-plastic alternatives [1].


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