Robb Vaules

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Robb Vaules graduated with a bachelor’s in advertising and journalism from Northern Arizona University. He also completed graduate work in advertising from the University of Texas [2]. 

Vaules is the Board President of the Arizona Center for Disability Law and the Senior Vice President of a Phoenix-based telemedicine practice. He has previously served on the March of Dimes on their Minnesota and Arizona State Boards [3].

Vaules is on the Desert Mountain High School site council and committees with the Scottsdale Parent Council. He was also a substitute teacher for SUSD and has worked in Special Education programs and classrooms.

Key Issues

Special Education

Vaules plans to hold SUSD administration to the SPED standards and policies [1]. Vaules is the father of a special needs son in the SUSD system and has worked in SPED classrooms as a substitute teacher [1].


Vaules wants more accessible visual and performing arts programs that allow students to express themselves and increase graduation rates [1].


Vaules believes teacher pay and retention is the biggest issue impacting students [5].


Vaules supports alternative fuel options for school buses, including electric or CNG buses. These alternatives would reduce noise, protect the environment, and have long term savings for the district. Vaules also supports the diversity and inclusion of every student. He supports the LGBTQIA+ community [1].


Save Our Schools Arizona
Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America
Scottsdale Education Association


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