Robert Gallegos

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Robert Gallegos earned an associate’s degree in international trade and distribution from Houston Community College and a bachelor’s degree in organizational management from Ashford University [1]. Gallegos currently serves as Houston City Council Member, and has since 2014. During his time on the council, he served as chair of multiple committees. Gallegos previously worked in logistic sales of motor freight and international trade and served as a community liaison for a former county commissioner [1]. Gallegos founded the Eastwood/Lawndale Super Neighborhood Council and served as president for over 15 years [3].

Key Issues

Public Safety

Gallegos believes that Houston police and fire departments could use more resources and manpower to effectively protect the city. As councilmember, he allocated funds for police overtime initiatives and tools and equipment for the Houston Fire Deparment . Gallegos supports efforts to stop issues such as illegal dumping, aggressive panhandling, and criminal activity in bars [2]. 


Gallegos supports working with local partners to better direct tax dollars to fund infrastructure projects such as road construction. As councilmember, Gallegos allocated infrastructure funds to repairing off-road ditches and enhancing the water flow from regular storm occurrences [2].


Gallegos strongly supports the development of green spaces in Houston to enhance communities. As councilmember, Gallegos led efforts to repair and improve current trails, parks, and fields in Houston. He also supported initiatives to fund K-12 after-school programs for students and funded the creation of community murals in neighborhoods. Gallegos saw an animal overpopulation issue and led efforts to increase pet ownership education and animal welfare accessibility [2]. 


Rubie Nelson, President of both Clinton Park, Civic Club & Super Neighborhood; Cynthia Vigil, President of Manchester Civic Club


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