Robert Zimmermann

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Incumbent


Robert “Bob” Zimmermann is a native Carlstadt resident–born and raised in the borough. Zimmermann attended Montclair State University before becoming a teacher at Carlstadt Public School. Still a teacher, Zimmermann also has a wife and two sons [2].

Active in coaching recreation basketball, Zimmermann enjoys working with children in his community.

As Mayor, Zimmermann has used an increase in funding from the Municipal Assistance Program to repave roads, improve flood control, and provide public safety equipment like firetrucks and ambulances [4].

Zimmermann has also hosted Republican candidate Junefest Barbecues and Carlstadt Republican meetings to garner support for his candidacy [3].

Key Issues


Transparency: Zimmermann believes that the New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority (NJSEA) has treated Carlstadt as worse than ‘second-class citizens’ [4].


Zimmermann believes that there is a lack of support and and communication with the Carlstadt local government [4]. 


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