Roderick Watts

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Challenger


Roderick (Rick) Watts currently serves on the Town of Fountain Hills Planning and Zoning Commission as Vice Chairman [1, 3, 4]. Watts has previously held roles in business administration, HVAC, energy, and construction [2, 5]. He is also on the committee for the Neighborhood Property Owners Association, which oversees architectural aspects of the Fountain Hills community [1].

Key Issues


Watts supports the development of a budget strategy based on the town’s projected revenues [1, 2].



Watts supports the development of a competitive bidding process instead of the current administrative approval process greater than $25,000. Watts also believes the introduction of incentives for businesses that are within the parameters of state and local giving laws will build town revenue [1]. 


Watts wants to issue a specific bond to address all street repair and resurfacing, and explore new technologies to extend the safety and life of town roadways, such as Perpetual Pavement, traffic management, and bicycle/pedestrian education [1].

Social Programs

Watts wants to work with local charitable organizations to assist with temporary shelter, food, and a program to relocate individuals to permanent facilities that specialize in helping people re-enter society [1].


Fountain Hills Republican Club [3].


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