Rona K. Marsh

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Rona K. Marsh is a retired fraud examiner who has lived in Virginia beach since 2007. Marsh has served on the Board of the Thalia Civic league for three years, has been a volunteer for “Stop The Flooding Now”, and active in VA State Legislature of the Joint Subcommittee meetings on Coastal Flooding.

In 2022, Marsh spoke out on a $45 million of Resort Site acquisitions planned by the Virginia Beach City Council. The acquisitions were canceled following pushback by the community [2].

Key Issues


Marsh wants to refund 50% of the FY-22 Budget Surplus to Virginia Beach citizens [2]. She also advocates for tax relief [5].


Marsh wants to make Virginia Beach’s financial scorecards publicly accessible. Additionally, Marsh wants to address City and School pension funding shortfalls [2].

Public Safety

Marsh advocates for more funding for full staffing and maintenance of equipment for public safety employees, and she hopes to consider an RE property tax reduction for public safety staff that have their home in Virginia Beach. Marsh supports the ShotSpotter technology, as well as increasing education about gun violence, potentially through social media [5].


Marsh believes transparency of spending is essential [5].


Marsh supports ditch maintenance to minimize the impact from flash flooding and hurricanes. She seeks to put the work schedule for flooding / ditch maintenance on VBGOV online [5].


Republican Party of Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach City Councilmember John Moss


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