Ruth Jones

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Ruth Jones has a Certification from National Cryptological School [3]. Jones was a Network Analyst for the National Security Agency. For the last 20 years, Jones has focused on finance. She has been on the planning commission for two and a half years and has previously worked on transit-oriented development and form-based code in local government [1].

Jones became involved in local politics after her oldest son passed away from childhood cancer [1].

Key Issues

Law Enforcement

Jones wants to ensure police get adequate training and are not understaffed or overworked. Jones wants to focus on providing children with safety in schools and in their homes to allow for proper education [1].


Jones wants to focus on roads and public safety in all development to prevent crime and traffic. She wants to coexist and help surrounding cities [1].


Jones wants to build fewer single-family homes and more smaller homes, condos, and patio homes. She plans to address low-income housing and affordable housing as separate issues and wants to use private-public partnerships [4].


Jones wants everyone to be welcome in Chandler and supports the diversity that creates Chandler’s culture [1]. She has proposed adopting a non-discrimination ordinance to promote inclusivity [2].


Jones wants the homeless to become self-sufficient through workforce development, mental health assistance, substance abuse counseling, and help navigating the system [2].


Jones wants to look for new ways to reduce and conserve water including water treatment plant updates [4].


Tim Roper, Clearfield City Utah City Counselor


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