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Owens believes that the curriculum adopted by the board and every program implemented into Litchfield Elementary School District must be for the advancement of academic improvement or have a direct impact to promoting educational success. He also wants to put an emphasis on making up for the learning loss that occurred during the pandemic [1]. He plans on establishing a way to identify the amount of learning loss of each child so they can make a plan for each student, as he thinks students who need more assistance than others need to receive extra instruction, whereas other students should be allowed to advance and not slowed down [3].


Ryan Owens believes that teachers must feel supported by their board. As a part of the board, he plans on focusing on making teachers’ jobs easier, not placing distracting programs or additional responsibilities that fail to provide tangible advancement in the classroom [1].


Owens says that as a part of the board, he wants to ensure that the board never take for granted their fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers. He hopes to prevent LESD from being in its current situation of asking voters to pass an override after it failed due to voter mistrust [1].


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3 Litchfield Park Independent