Ryan Wilson Kirkpatrick

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Ryan Kirkpatrick has a master’s degree in civil engineering as well as in economics from Virginia Tech and George Mason respectively. Kirkpatrick has served overseas and is an Army veteran, currently working as a physical scientist for the US Army Corps of Engineers. He is also a civil affairs officer for the United States Army Reserve and was an R&D scientist for the Department of Defense for 6 years [1, 2].

Key Issues


Kirkpatrick wants to open two new traditional schools, adding onto the two existing traditional schools in the county. He wants to convert two existing schools to traditional schools, as it would be most cost-effective [1, 5].


Kirkpatrick endorses disciplinary measures in the school environment to improve academic performance. He wants to ban smartphone use during the school day as well as increasing disciplinary tools to improve teacher retention and academic performance [1, 5].

Parental Involvement

Kirkpatrick supports policy changes to include parents in all important decisions involving their children. He also wants to ensure transparency with parents [1, 5].


Kirkpatrick wants to improve disciplinary tools for teachers, as well as allow teachers to grade as they see fit rather than having them follow grading policy regulations [1].


Republican Party of Prince William County; American Veterans Vote; Patriot Women of Prince William


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