Sandra Christensen

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Sandra Christensen graduated with a BBA in Business Computer Systems from New Mexico State University. Christensen is the CEO of Indigo Mountain Media LLC [3]. Previously, she worked at Honeywell, Perot Systems, and Alta Vista Veterinary Hospital before retiring to focus on family and community service [1].

Christensen served as a PTO member, Moms in Prayer Leader, animal rescuer, local Precinct Committeeman, and many more positions. Currently, she is a Horizon High Choir Accents supporter and volunteer [4].

Key Issues


Christensen supports increasing funding and salaries for students and teachers and removing curriculum relating to topics that may be politically related [1]. She is concerned about the teaching of racism and its history in schools and wants to remove it from curriculums. Additionally, she wants to remove FCL from being taught in math curriculums [5].


Christensen supports increased parent involvement through organized parent meetings in student’s education, healthcare, and other school involvement [1,4]. 


Christensen considered taking her son out of the public school system when it transferred to online school [5]. 


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