Saundra Davis

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Party N/A; nonpartisan election
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Saundra Davis graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in psychology and attended the University of Southern California for her postgraduate years [2]. She has a master’s degree in Health Care Administration and Gerontology [1]. Davis is a former director of a memory care unit in a nursing home and has served as a medicare volunteer services coordinator [5]. In addition, she is a part of a military family [1].

Key Issues


Davis believes that Fairfax County’s current education system places too little of an emphasis on marginalized classes. She believes that more attention should be given to students who require special education. She also hopes to join the Purple Star program, which attempts to ease the transition between schools for military-connected students. In addition, she hopes to address the decline in the mental health of students caused by extensive school closures through various programs. Davis supports allocating funding towards resources that make it easier for students to feel accepted in school [1].


Davis believes in the value of academic excellence and vocational competency. She views declining standardized test scores and modified grading as a flaw in the FCPS system and a harm to its students. Davis hopes to lead initiatives that prepare students for the real world [1].


Davis believes that the School Board has shifted away from an educational focus and towards a political one. She views this as a threat to the system’s efficacy and as a risk to national security. She believes that students should have access to quality education without being interrupted by polarized political disputes in the School Board [3].


Fairfax County Parents Association; Fairfax Republican Party


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