Scott Neely

Key Facts

Party Republican
Status Non-incumbent, challenger


Scott Neely was born in Hemet, California into a family that owned a business of building materials, concrete equipment, and supplies business. He is married to his wife, Maria Neely, and has 5 children and 2 grandchildren. Neely has been in the concrete business for much of his life. In 2018, he opened Action Concrete Pumping Supply. [1] This company has conducted projects in housing and commercial development. [4] Neely created the National Shotcrete Association to facilitate growth in concrete. Neely declared his candidacy for the Arizona gubernatorial election on January 19, 2022. [1]

Key Issues


Neely hopes to restrict undocumented immigration across the Southern border of Arizona. Neely believes his experience in a concrete building is important in building a southern wall and wants to complete the policies of Donald Trump. He claims that undocumented immigration is increasing, and this could lead to increased crime, and prioritizes preventing increased immigration. [3]

Election Security

Neely thinks the current election system is highly susceptible to fraudulent activity and wants to stop illegitimate voting. Neely supports the audit led by Republicans on Arizona’s election materials following the 2020 election. Neely wants to require voter ID and proof of citizenship for voting and remove illicit voters, such as felons, from voter rolls. [3]

Water and Energy

Neely supports financial investment in the “500+ plan” from Arizona, Nevada, and California to preserve water. In order to preserve water resources, he wants to construct coastal desalination plants to make salt water accessible. However, he does not want to share resources with Mexico, because it is an “unstable” country; instead, Neely prefers to use American resources and labor to create the plants. Neely hopes to incentivize corporations to lower food prices through tax incentives. Neely wants to increase the use of clean energy, particularly hydroelectric energy to create the idea of energy conservation within the state. 

Police Reform

Neely supports the Back the Blue movement. He wants to reinforce funding to police departments and prevent negative media reports regarding police.

Reproductive Rights

Neely is pro-life. [3]




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