Shannan Nobles

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election


Shannan Nobles earned her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and her Masters of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Houston. Shannan Nobles is a native Houstonian with 20 years of experience in city government [1, 4]. She currently serves as Chief Deputy City Controller where she manages the certification, review and execution of contracts considered by council and oversees other departments such as the Executive, Administrative, Operational, and Technical Services Divisions [1, 2]. Nobles has also managed Bank On Houston, a program focused on financial services. Nobles has previously held positions in city government, including Deputy/Agenda Director for City Council and Houston City Deputy Director/Public Information Officer [1].

Key Issues


Nobles would like to rebalance the $6.2B budget for the city of Houston to include more recurring revenue and less recurring expenses [1].

Social Programs

Nobles would like to minimize Houston’s reliance on federally-funded programs like the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and Coronavirus Aid [1].


Nobles would like to highlight that the City of Houston operates under a strong Mayor system, with the mayor having significant executive authority. The Controller’s independence is designed to ensure fiscal responsibility within the city’s government and ensure checks and balances [1].


The Black Women’s PAC


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