Sheila Amoroso

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Amoroso retired as the Director of the Municipal Bond Department at Franklin Templeton Investments in 2020. She has worked in public infrastructure investments for 34 years. She previously served as a member of the Carefree Public Safety Advisory Committee [2].

Key Issues


Amoroso wants to maintain good water quality and accessibility for all Carefree residents. She supports the Carefree Water Consolidation Project. Amoroso does not support proposition 472 because she is against the demolition of a new buried water reservoir in Carefree [2].


Amoroso supports the approved Economic Development Plan for Carefree [2].


Amoroso would like to increase public outreach and transparency to encourage the thoughts and feedback of residents on city projects. She believes in increasing community engagement to improve visions for the city. She believes that public meetings and workshops to involve residents are important, especially for projects to redevelop the town center [2]. 

Public Safety

Amoroso wants to improve Carefree fire services. She wants to hold community meetings to further analyze fire service needs and finances and make a final decision [2]. 


Amoroso does not support proposition 473 for two-year terms and instead supports proposition 474 for four-year staggered terms for city council members [2]. 


No endorsements could be found.


1 Carefree Unity 
2 AZCentral
3 CarefreeTruth2