Solange Whitehead

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Incumbent


Whitehead has served on Scottsdale’s city council since 2019. She is an electrical engineer and businesswoman. Whitehead is also on the board of Waste Not and volunteers at a senior center. She was named Conservationist of the Year by the Arizona Wildlife Federation [1, 2].

An ethics complaint was filed against Whitehead by former Scottsdale Council member David Smith regarding interference in the city’s investigation of a supporter of the Yes on Proposition 420 campaign. The complaint was dismissed by the Council and Whitehead has said she is grateful citizens are able to file complaints to force councilmembers to be better [3].

Key Issues


Whitehead has led the Protect Our Preserve City Charter initiative to conserve the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. She has also supported policies to increase energy efficiency, solar, and electric vehicles [1]. Whitehead supports recycled water and conservation efforts, specifically septic conversions and new pumping capacity  [5].


Whitehead wants to protect seniors by providing social services including food assistance. She has increased the number of donations and funding through her volunteer work and the Scottsdale Cares program [1]. Whitehead wants to reduce surprise heat and utility bills affecting senators [5].


Whitehead values public recreation areas including the paths and parks she has helped develop. She has worked to ensure residential roads are kept safe by regulating lighting and speed designations. Whitehead has also extended public park hours like the Chaparral pool and made community events free again like the Scottsdale Summer Concert Series at the Railroad Park [1].


Whitehead has criticized the city for the lack of construction timelines in building apartments in the past decade. Whitehead has previously negotiated quicker timelines to prevent unfinished buildings. She wants to increase enforcement on short-term rentals (STRs) to protect neighborhoods and has approved a police STR task force [5]. Whitehead has been criticized by Larry Kush, a member of the Scottsdale Planning Commission, for her lack of support for affordable housing, including a 60-acre Honor Health Campus on Shea Boulevard and multi-family housing projects [4]. 


Whitehead is against creating districts in Scottsdale, believing that they would divide the city [5].


Police Officers of Scottsdale Association, Scottsdale Firefighters Association.


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