Sonia Chang-Diaz

Key Facts

Party Democrat
Status Challenger


Chang-Diaz graduated from the University of Virginia with a bachelor’s degree in Political and Social Thought in 2000. She has worked as a senior legislative aide for former Senator Cheryl Jacques, as a teacher in the Lynn and Boston school districts, as an outreach director for the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center, and as a political adviser for the Barbara Lee Family Office.

Key Issues

Climate Change

When elected, Sonia promises to pass a Massachusetts Green New Deal, and consistently work towards decreasing emissions through infrastructure.


Sonia promises to support multiple legislation efforts, from a single-payer Medicare For All system, to better reproductive and mental health services for citizens of Massachusetts.


Sonia will be establishing reforms, from K-12 education in infrastructure, funding and debt-free public college available to all Massachusetts students. 

Gender equality

Sonia strongly supports women’s reproductive rights, specifically focusing on filing legislation for low income women who have just had birth to have better healthcare access.


People’s Action Movement

Neighbor to Neighbor 

Progressive Mass Policy 

Adam Gome, MA State Senator

Nika Elugardo, MA State Representative

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Edward J. Kennedy, MA State Senator

Felix D. Arroyo, Register Of Probate

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Carmine Gentile, MA State Representative

Natalie Higgins, MA State Representative

Mary Keefe, MA State Representative

Liz Miranda, MA State Representative

Becca Rausch, MA State Senator

Maria Robinson, MA State Representative

Lindsay Sabadosa, MA State Representative

Danillo Sena, MA State Representative



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