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Party Democrat
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Stacey Abrams earned her bachelor’s degree in political science, economics, and sociology from Spelman College, her master’s from the LBJ School of Public Affairs, and graduated from Yale Law School. Abrams formerly represented Georgia’s 89th Congressional District in the Georgia House of Representatives.

Prior to her election, Abrams was a deputy city attorney for the city of Atlanta. Abrams was the first African American to lead either party in the Georgia General Assembly. She received the JFK New Frontier Award to commemorate her efforts as an elected official under 40. In the Georgia House, she successfully advocated for the restoration of a full-day pre-kindergarten program that was at risk of being cut due to lack of funding. Abrams ran for Governor as a Democrat in 2018 and lost to the Republican candidate Brian Kemp. Following her loss in 2018, Abrams founded Fair Fight Action to support voting rights and address issues of voter suppression. She is also an author and has written both fiction and non-fiction books.

Key Issues

Voting Rights

Abrams wants to ensure that the right to vote is protected for all eligible citizens. She intends to do this by advocating against legislation that limits the time for requesting an absentee ballot or the early voting period before runoff elections. Abrams is also in support of re-enfranchisement for felons who have served their sentences and “paid their debt to society.” Abrams founded the organization Fair Fight Action which shares this goal.


Abrams wants to ensure equal access to affordable healthcare in all regions of Georgia. She plans to achieve this by advocating for: the expansion of Medicaid in order to expand funding for rural hospitals, protection of the Affordable Care Act, and the establishment of the Georgia Premium Stability Program to lower premiums for Georigans who are self-employed. Abrams founded a program to sign up lower income Georigans for the Affordable Care Act and introduced a bill to expand Medicaid in the Georgia House.


Abrams is a pro-choice candidate and would advocate to make abortion mostly legal. She will advocate against efforts to limit bans on abortions sooner than 20 weeks into a pregancy and for the expansion of sex education in school. Abrams has previously advocated against the Living Infants Fairness and Equality Act (HB481), also known as the Fetal Heartbeat bill, that was on the floor of the Georgia House.


Abrams wants to support creating an affordable and accessible education system with a focus on opportunities for lower-income students. She advocates against any funding for school vouchers and supports more funding for need-based financial aid in higher education, such as the HOPE scholarship. Abrams has specifically advocated for tuition free technical or career colleges in order to create a more diverse set of opportunities for students coming out of high school.

Gun Control

Gun Control: Abrams wants to limit gun deaths by expanding access to mental health care services and restrictions on gun use. She will advocate for implementing waiting periods and universal background checks. During her time in the Georgia House, she co-sponsored HB731 that would have authorized the state to confiscate assault weapons from current gun owners. Abrams also voted no on HB859 aimed at allowing concealed carry on college campuses.


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