Stephanie T. Reed

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
Status Challenger


Stephanie Reed has a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Arkansas. She is a former substitute teacher, women’s ministry public speaker, and owner of a furniture restoration business [1, 3]. 

Reed is on the leadership team for the Women’s Ministry Program at Thomas Road Baptist Church, and she is the Vice-President of the Board of Directors for the Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center, the Vice-Chair of Outreach for the Lynchburg Republican Committee for 2021-22, a member of Central Republican Women, a member of Concerned Women for America, and LRCC Vice-President of Outreach & Recruiting [1, 3, 9].

Key Issues

Public Safety

Reed aims to fill staff shortages in law enforcement agencies by working with law enforcement agencies and local leaders to develop a recruitment and retention plan that offers competitive wages. She seeks to provide the Fire Department, Commonwealth’s Attorney Office, and other local agencies with more full-time staff members [1, 5, 9, 10].


Reed believes parents should be given more control over their child’s education, and that City officials should work with regional state delegation to advance a charter change to allow for an elected Lynchburg City School Board.  

She supports the Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credits Program [1, 5, 9].

Reed believes schools need to emphasize teaching on basic subjects like reading and math instead of teaching subjects like critical race theory and gender. Reed aims for every child to reach their maximum potential, whether in public, private, or homeschool [2, 10].


Reed opposes any increases in sewage, water, and real estate taxes, and she plans to roll back many recent increases in these taxes. She aims to lower the cost of living. Reed seeks to develop a business-friendly environment and attract a strong workforce [1, 3, 9, 10].


Reed seeks to provide wanted community and recreation areas. She wants to work with state and local non-profits and faith organizations to promote community outreach programs. Reed believes that community access to internet and library services is vital [1].


Reed supports the veteran community [2].


Lynchburg Republican City Committee; Wendell Walker, Virginia State Delegate; Jason Miyares, Virginia Attorney General; Steve Newman, Virginia State Senator; Ben Cline, 6th District Congressman; Bob Good, 5th District Congressman; Bethany Harrison, Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney; Donald T. Sloan, Sheriff; Chris Faraldi, Lynchburg Councilman; Bob McDonnell, former Virginia Governor


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