Stephen D. Spiker

Key Facts

Party N/A; nonpartisan election
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Stephen Spiker attended George Mason University, where he studied government and political science, as well as the University of Connecticut, where he received an MA in survey research. Spiker’s subsequent professional experience is centered in polling data analysis and campaign strategies; he currently works with Wakefield Research, a boutique market research firm [1, 2, 3].

Spiker is a professional contributor to Bearing Voice, a conservative newspaper based in Northern Virginia, and serves as the current 10th District Young Republicans representative [5].
Spiker is a father of three, two of whom currently attend Signal Hill Elementary School in Prince William County. Spiker is the President of the Signal Hill Principal’s Advisory Council, a program he hopes to implement in more schools in the PWC area; he also serves as the Signal Hill parent representative to the Superintendent’s Advisory Council for Instruction [1].

Key Issues


Spiker wants to improve student performance through the creation of effective minimum standards in Prince William County schools to promote student achievement instead of “lowering the bar.” Spiker is deeply concerned about learning loss due to COVID-19, especially given loss in literacy among the student population, and wants to resolve these issues with a more foundational curriculum [1].

Parental Involvement

Spiker wants to ensure that the School Board’s actions are responsive to parents and that the degree of parental involvement is entirely left to the discretion of parents and they are provided resources to better understand the school system and their children’s education. Spiker aims to facilitate this process through the creation of family liaison positions and parent-led Principal’s Advisory Councils [1].


Spiker wants to give teachers more support through parental involvement and accountability through approaches not directly involving the raising of teacher salaries. Spiker also wants to decrease the occupational demands of education by increasing discipline in the classrooms and evaluating the efficacy of administrative programs, as well as promoting innovative thinking for recruiting future generations of teachers [1].


Prince William County Supervisor Yesil Vega; Prince William School Board Candidate Carrie Rist; Prince William County Republican Party


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